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If you live in a [forestedheavily wooded] area, or anywhere that has a few trees around, then you know just how frustrating it is having to clean your gutters regularly because of all the fallen leaves. Unless you have an obsessive-compulsive disorder, you will only get an indication that your gutters are already full of dead leaves the next time it rains and you notice that the rain water is gushing over the sides of your gutters instead of into the downspout. If you do not want the [perimeteroutsides] of your house to become all muddy, or your gutters to fall off because of the added weight of wet leaves, then you really should consider installing gutter guards.

Having trees around your property is really nice, but they can also make a huge mess. A gutter protection system is the best way to prevent these leaves from falling into the gutter and clogging the passage of rainwater. This type of gutter protection system became popular in the late 1950’s when plastics are starting to create [an impacta splash] in the industrial world. Plastic guards for gutters have became rather [commonplaceordinary] because they can easily be installed, and they can also withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

The design of gutter guards have also become more efficient in the past years, in fact, they do such a great job that you rarely have to clean them your gutters at all. Modern gutter protection systems not only allows for the freer flow of rainwater in the gutter, they actually [preventstop] leaves from gathering on the top of the gutter, they force them to fall on the ground where they are more easily gathered.

Another reason why you should install gutter guards on your roof is because the dead, dry leaves in the gutters are excellent [tinderkindling] material for catching fire. Even if a small ember were to drop into a bunch of dry leaves, it can be enough to start a fire that can [engulftake over] your entire house. So to make your house less of a fire hazards, just install guards on your rain gutters. If happen to have a garden shed on your property, then you may want to put some guards on that as well.

You can also get a significant discount for home insurance if the inspector spots that you have gutter guards. This shows that you will do [whateveranything] you can to protect your home from going into ruin, thus making your insurance premium much lower; this is [especiallyparticularly] true if you also live in an area that is prone to fires.

Besides keeping leaves out of your gutters, these plastic guards would also prevent birds from creating a nest in your roof. Though you may want to check the system periodically because birds can be pretty persistent, and they might still find a way to get into the gutters by forcing themselves through the guards.

With all of these great [benefitsadvantages], it is a wonder why not all homes have gutter guards. So if you want to protect your property from damage because of the bad combination of dead leaves and rainwater, you really should consider investing in plastic guards for your gutters.

Rhett Wilborn is a home improvement expert from Chicago Illinois. He currently owns and runs one of the largest remodeling companies in the area and has over 20 years experience with Replacement Windows, Siding, Roofing, Gutter Guards, and more.

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